Exceptional for over 25 years.

The team at Elevate Property Group have over 25 years industry experience. We build award winning developments from starter homes to Warwickshire’s finest country mansions.

Always breaking new ground, leading with specifications and values, Elevate Property Group – the smarter choice.


We curate style, design and everything in-between.

With an unending focus on the most effective use of space, we provide end-to-end property development where unrivalled design meets a dynamic and driven approach.


Nothing to hide.

Our reputation doesn’t come from how we talk about ourselves, it comes from how others talk about us. A reputation forged from creating the unexpected. Reinventing the old for a generation that craves new stories and new experiences.


Entrepreneurial from the ground up.

We’ve worked at every level of the construction process so have a unique understanding of what it takes to deliver a high-quality, desirable product that sets a benchmark which others follow.


Exactly what it seems.

We pride ourselves on providing creative and unique homes that make a statement yet still perform as functional living spaces.


Hereford – Cooming soon.
A retail and residential development in the heart of the city.

We unlock opportunities that others haven’t seen.

Our expert consultancy team and creative direction provide significant enhancement to the viability of most developments.

Nottingham – Coming soon.
95 townhouses, apartments and penthouses.

More for less.

We deliver on our vision. From the drawing board to the finished development we turn potential into profit. Through design and an in-depth understanding we drive increased revenues.

Ashford – Coming soon.
216 apartments and penthouses,
plus a 120 bed hotel.

Old ways won’t open new doors.

Our dynamic approach, coupled with a totally scalable operation and access to a talented pool of professionals, provides us with the resources to take on any development size.


Art and Graft.

Our developments sometimes feature a unique piece of specially commissioned urban art. The stories they tell are becoming modern day urban myths.

We stand out from the crowd everyday.

U R B A N  M Y T H S

There is no finish line.

Our balance sheet strength and access to various lines of credit provides us with a substantial funding pool currently well
in excess of £100m.
The development value of sites acquired and under contract is approaching £250m. With a time frame of 2-3 years design and production from cash invested to profit we are uniquely positioned to build on our current success.